Since this is the initial blog for the HUB, a brief introduction is in order.  I became involved with the HUB because of a passion to mentor, to learn from, and to just be around entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs tend to be driven people who have a passion for finding solutions to a problem. As you will see in this first blog, every entrepreneur has at some time asked, “What is the problem that needs a solution?” This may range from a problem of stripping insulation from underground cable, or providing home care to finding a way to treat depression, and treating anxiety or developing storage solutions by matching unused space with people needing short term storage.   I have personally worked with all these entrepreneurs.  They are somewhere along the journey you are considering.

The start of your journey is to look at what problem needs a solution, and what solution can you bring to the problem. First: Is this a problem that only you face, or a problem faced by many?  As an example:  You have a large old television you want to dispose of.  Your first thought is to drop it out a window and take a sledgehammer to it. This works for you but is probably not a solution for most people.

However, many people may want to get rid of an old television.  (Yes, this is a problem I face.)  How about a solution of a company that disposes of old televisions? Suddenly, you discover there are rules and regulations concerning the disposal of televisions.  You find there are health concerns for workers. You may need special equipment.  This is not as easy as the window and sledgehammer. However, you believe you can make a business of this because you find there are a number of people with old televisions that Goodwill and others have no interest in hauling away.

You realize you need help.  Wouldn’t it be great to find out what resources might help you look at your idea and make the initial decision on your burning question:  Is my solution to the problem worth pursuing?   The HUB has a list of resources on its website for all stages of developing a concept, starting a business, growing a business.  It has guides to help with the process.  It can introduce you to mentors who have been where you are, wherever that is in the process.  This blog will try to give you ideas to start, grow, and expand your business.  Feedback is welcome as are suggestions on topics to discuss.  Hope you enjoy and pursue your passion.